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Big Ag is Conquering Minnesota like a Noxious, Unkillable Weed - July 1, 2015 by Hannah Sayle, CityPages - Minneapolis - St. Paul.

At Ground Zero of Minnesota's Ground Water Crisis!

Did you know that the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency ("MPCA") estimates there are over 18,000 registered feedlots in operation in the State?  Yet, "Big Ag" is pressing for more and bigger feedlots.  The MPCA estimates that the amount of manure generated by livestock in Minnesota is equivalent to a human population of 50 million people.  That's untreated, liquid animal manure chock full of antibiotics, nitrogen, phosphorus, E. coli bacteria and other contaminants that threaten our surface water and ground water.  Statewide, the Department of Natural Resources ("DNR") reports that groundwater use has increased 35% over the last 25 years - about 3 billion gallons per year on average.  A single feedlot with 2,400 finishing hogs will draw an estimated 3.5 million gallons of water per year.  No wonder our precious groundwater is being depleted!

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Dodge County Concerned Citizens

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Factory Farming in Minnesota - Time for a Change?

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November, 2017

Factory farming divestment: what you need to know - March 3, 2016 by Tom Levitt, The Guardian