Dodge County Concerned Citizens

    a Citizens nonprofit group located in Southern Minnesota


Ready to go Meatless, even for a day? - March 9, 2016 by Robin Asbell, Star Tribune

               Four Reasons to Go Meatless One Day Per Week

  • Your Cardiologist likes it - reducing your meat consumption
  • Your consuming protein that uses less water and energy to produce
  • Reduces your food costs - meat is expensive
  • Reduces your carbon footprint

Dodge County Concerned Citizens is a grassroots organization committed to:

  • Good governance - limiting the tyranny of "Big Ag" in local governance
  • Putting People Before Profits

             -  Raising awareness regarding the negative implications of factory farms in Minnesota                      -  Providing resources to farm families facing installation of a large feedlot near their

                 homes and farms

  • Promoting Clean Water
  • Promoting Clean Air
  • Advocating for Legislative Changes